9 steps to start your side hustle

Swadesh Saxena
2 min readSep 20, 2021
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“For every transaction, there is someone willing to buy and someone willing to sell at an agreed price”

Side hustle is small income activity started as an hobby or passion. It can be digital or physical for example info product or life style products etc. Side hustle is very important in a time when pandemic has shown the uncertainty in everyone’s life. Studies suggest that people who have multiple incomes were less affected and side hustle can generate multiple stream of incomes.

A. Side hustle teaches you discipline

B. Side hustle teaches you to value your time

C. Side hustle gives you extra income

Now I am sharing 9 steps to start your side hustle

1. Do survey and find the pain points of people- Do small survey to find out the need of people and based on your need analysis develop solutions? If you do not have audience then go to the market and do small research similar to your idea.

2. Develop product and build the realistic business plan around the product. To learn more about making a robust business plan click here

3. Conduct webinar to sell your solutions. During webinar you can offer tips and sell your solutions. I personally experienced that webinar are one f great selling platforms.

4. Offer weekly coaching/mentoring- Every week you offer something new to your audience to develop trust. In any transaction, trust plays an important role. Continuous value addition to your community will build the trust.

5. Build amazing community through dedicated communications like webinar, Facebook groups, running contest etc. Community helps you to build the loyal customer base.

6. Take help of paid ads within your budget. Paid ads in google, Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. will help you in lead generation.

7. Continuous testing of your strategy and do the data analytics to amplify what is working.

8. Be patience and have realistic expectations. Digital world is huge and trust building takes time.

9. Be collaborative. Collaboration will help you to get new communities. You’ll also get the benefit of the “collaboration” where your collaborations will bring amazing results for your side hustle.

I have trust that knowing nine steps, it’s time to start action for side hustle.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” — Albert Einstein.



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