Five pillars of business success

Swadesh Saxena
1 min readMay 8, 2021

Inspired by startup stories and new generation startup heroes, immediately after graduation I started my business. I was the first generation entrepreneur and in my family doing business was all together a different experience. Some of my relative advises me to go for job with secured future. I was determined to do the business. In initial period like many other businesses my business was also not performing well and everyday I come to my home with full of worries. My parents were silently observing me.

One day my father asked me about my business. This was normal communication between son and father but gradually it converted into serious conversation about making the business successful told my father that I am thinking to quit business due to problems. I still remember the words of my father “where will you find the world without problems. Think to solve the problems which are always hidden in the problem.”

Encouraged by his response I shared my business problems with him. He told me that he is not business expert but based on his experiences he can tell about the fundamentals for success.

He told me his five golden advises which turnaround my business and I still feel relevant and consider them as pillar of my success

  1. Honesty is the best
  2. Earn then invest
  3. No borrowing in normal circumstances
  4. Customer first
  5. Respect the trend

For first generation entrepreneurs, I suggest to follow above five rules to make you business life easy and successful.



Swadesh Saxena

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