How to actually keep your New Years’ Resolutions this year!!

Swadesh Saxena
3 min readDec 30, 2021
Time bound New Year Resolution

So… it’s that time of the year again.

The time to make promises to yourself that you pretty much already know you’re most likely not going to keep.

Getting a new gym membership?


Changing your lifestyle and making sure you’re learning new skills?

Sure you will.

Planning to double or triple your sales by the end of this year?

Of course.

Setting New Years’ resolutions is a great way to motivate yourself and start a new year with a bang.


It’s only worth it if you actually keep the resolutions you make.

Wanting to do things is only the first step. You have to ask yourself: am I actually ready to make the sacrifices required to achieve my New Years’ resolutions and dreams?

In my opinion, the chances to mark a resolution as completed are completely up to you.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” Michael Altshuler

Resolutions can be dreams come true, but they can also remain dreams and nothing more. This is the moment when you have to decide if you want to stand up or remain seated. I believe that plans can be accomplished based on strong desire , hard work and learning from past experiences.

Your resolution should be

  1. Simple

2. Measurable

3. Achievable

4. Relevant

Here are some tips that can motivate you to eventually solve your resolutions this time:

  • Keep the list of resolutions as simple as you can. Do not aim for a new life because it is not as easy as it is to write it down. The best you can do is to think of two important things you want to accomplish and focus on them.
  • Choose wisely what you want. It has to be something that will make you happy, keep you healthy and fulfilled.
  • Keep things in the reality realm. Do not desire for things that are not real or achievable. Hope for small things because there is enough time for the big ones to come after.
  • Break resolutions down into smaller goals. Each small step you make will take you closer to a bigger one and so on. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.
  • Plan a time-frame to achieve your goals. This is one of the most important rules of motivation. Plan each action on a calendar and try to stick to this plan.
  • Take notes of your resolutions. Plan each one carefully, even make a notebook with some photos, videos, articles and anything else that will help keep your eye on the prize. Note each step you make that gets you closer to your goal.
  • Give yourself some treats during the process. Once you have solved a part of your resolution, you may treat yourself with something you like, but be aware of bad slips.
  • Ask for support from trustworthy people around you. Surround yourself with your closest friends when you need advice or someone to discuss to.
  • Do not consider giving up. If you have already made some important steps, but there is something that blocks your way, do not hesitate to try and push it away. These are crucial moments when you have to have faith, be strong and keep a positive mindset.
  • You are in charge of your achievements. Even if you are receiving advice from other people, you have to be in charge of your decisions and actions. You control your next moves and have the responsibility for your future, so do not mess it up.
  • Being super organized can be very helpful. Set time bound plan to achieve your goal.

Keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions is hard work — I won’t deny that. But if you focus on the right resolutions and motivate yourself to actually achieve them, they can work wonders for your psyche, your health, your business…whatever it is you want to change this year.



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